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Celebrating 2017!

Youth Haven Child
Your gifts provided more than 2,800 scholarships for disadvantaged children to come to Youth Haven free of charge!

Child with Food

Your generous love gifts enabled us to serve approximately 30,000 meals to hungry boys and girls during our weekend, summer, and day camp programs.

Child with Trailbook

Because you gave, 1,220 Youth Haven Trailbooks (customized Bibles) went home with children who may never have owned a Bible before. Thank you!

Your Gifts at Work: 50 Years of Hope!

History Photo

Thank you for allowing God to use you!

“I work with underprivileged youth in the public schools. I have been sending young people to Youth Haven for over 20 years. I am now sending a second generation of students to this wonderful, nurturing place. The children are safe there, and come away with an experience like none other. When I have a hard to reach student that may not be making it at school, or needs some extra TLC, Youth Haven always comes through!”

“When I was a kid I went to Youth Haven. I have done some volunteer work for them and… I feel like a kid again going out there and just being part of something like putting up the playground for these kids! They just melt my heart and it means the world to me to be able to say I was part of that. Youth Haven has changed me and has helped me come a long way. Thank you to the volunteers and staff that always made it happen, and thank you to the donors that always kept it going!”

New Arizona Playground Facility

Playground Drawing

Physical activity is an important part of helping children form healthy habits for healthy lives. Construction is underway on a shaded outdoor recreation area at our Arizona campus, creating a fun new place for the children to play and try new things. This space will include a sturdy, colorful playground by Miracle Recreation, with a variety of exciting activities for the children. A basketball court and octoball pit will also provide areas for the children to develop physical and social skills, learn teamwork, and boost their self-confidence. All of this will be shaded by canopies that will shelter the children from the intense Arizona sun – especially essential during the heat of the summer.

The estimated cost of this project is $140,000, including excavation and concrete, equipment and installation, safety surfacing, sun shades, outdoor lighting, and various other expenses.

Please prayerfully consider making a contribution toward this project. Your investment will tell a child who feels unloved that he or she is loved, valued, and worth it. Your gift will give hope.

Check out these Miracle Recreation drawings of the space:

Playground drawing

Basketball court drawing Playground drawing Playground drawing