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Celebrating 2017!

Youth Haven Child
Your gifts provided more than 2,800 scholarships for disadvantaged children to come to Youth Haven free of charge!

Child with Food

Your generous love gifts enabled us to serve approximately 30,000 meals to hungry boys and girls during our weekend, summer, and day camp programs.

Child with Trailbook

Because you gave, 1,220 Youth Haven Trailbooks (customized Bibles) went home with children who may never have owned a Bible before. Thank you!

Your Gifts at Work: 50 Years of Hope!

History Photo

Thank you for allowing God to use you!

“I work with underprivileged youth in the public schools. I have been sending young people to Youth Haven for over 20 years. I am now sending a second generation of students to this wonderful, nurturing place. The children are safe there, and come away with an experience like none other. When I have a hard to reach student that may not be making it at school, or needs some extra TLC, Youth Haven always comes through!”

“When I was a kid I went to Youth Haven. I have done some volunteer work for them and… I feel like a kid again going out there and just being part of something like putting up the playground for these kids! They just melt my heart and it means the world to me to be able to say I was part of that. Youth Haven has changed me and has helped me come a long way. Thank you to the volunteers and staff that always made it happen, and thank you to the donors that always kept it going!”

New Arizona Playground Facility

Playground Drawing

Physical activity is an important part of helping children form healthy habits for healthy lives. Construction is underway on a shaded outdoor recreation area at our Arizona campus, creating a fun new place for the children to play and try new things. This space will include a sturdy, colorful playground by Miracle Recreation, with a variety of exciting activities for the children. A basketball court and octoball pit will also provide areas for the children to develop physical and social skills, learn teamwork, and boost their self-confidence. All of this will be shaded by canopies that will shelter the children from the intense Arizona sun – especially essential during the heat of the summer.

The estimated cost of this project is $140,000, including excavation and concrete, equipment and installation, safety surfacing, sun shades, outdoor lighting, and various other expenses.

Please prayerfully consider making a contribution toward this project. Your investment will tell a child who feels unloved that he or she is loved, valued, and worth it. Your gift will give hope.

Check out these Miracle Recreation drawings of the space:

Playground drawing

Basketball court drawing Playground drawing Playground drawing

Special Giving Opportunities

Arizona Air Conditioner

Our facilities are important ministry tools, and you can help meet these needs!

After many years of use, the air conditioner in our Arizona Dining Hall broke down and needed to be replaced quickly. If you would like to help us recover that $7,000 expense, we’d be grateful!

Another need in Arizona is a shaded outdoor activity space with sun shades to shelter the children from the intense Arizona sun. This project will cost an estimated $140,000. Your investment will help provide a safe and fun outdoor play space, with a new playground, basketball court, and gaga pit.

We’re excited to purchase portable planetariums at both campuses to teach Biblical Creation in a way the children are sure to remember! A projection system will bring the domed ceiling to life with an engaging display of God’s awesome universe. Each set costs $30,000, and we’ve received grants for about half the total amount. Your gift will help disadvantaged kids learn about Creation!

To learn more about any of these projects, please call us at 517-569-3328 or 520-466-3093.

If you feel led to give toward one of these projects, please click here to donate.

Thank you!

The New Trailbooks are Here!

Child Reading Trailbook

Every child who comes to Youth Haven now receives a complete Bible to take home! We call our Bible the Youth Haven “Trailbook” – God’s guide to help us find our way through the world we live in. It has a custom cover and eight full-color pages designed by our staff to help the children understand how to use their Bibles. We have provided New Testament Trailbooks for many years, but with the full Bible we can now point the children to many wonderful Old Testament stories of God’s power, love, and faithfulness. In fact, we’ve already received a note from a child that said, “I love the new Trailbook because it has so much more information about God.”

We centered our fall theme – “Dig It” – around our new Trailbooks, and the children will become Trailbook archaeologists! They’ll dig in to some great Bible stories, from Creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection. They’ll also dig around to understand more about how their Trailbooks are put together, and how they can memorize verses to keep God’s Word in their hearts.

Thank you to everyone who gave toward our Bible project to make this possible!

Filling the Void

Your Gifts Help Hurting Kids Discover the Love of a Heavenly Father

Little Boy In Deep Thought

On the surface, Jackson* is a happy eight-year-old boy who will charm you with his smile.

But if you get to know him, you’ll realize how much hurt and confusion hide behind that smile.

Jackson has a brother who is one year older than he is, but has a different father. He also has two younger sisters who have yet another father. And while his siblings’ fathers are involved in their lives, Jackson has never met his dad. In fact, he has only ever spoken to him once, over the phone. His mom tells us Jackson “has 10 other siblings from his real father he may never see.”

You can imagine why he shows sadness when he sees his siblings interacting with their dads. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a relationship with a father. But that’s what he longs for.

In her request for a camp scholarship for Jackson, his mom wrote, “I think Youth Haven could help fill that void… I’m hoping you can help my son through this life’s situation.”

At Youth Haven, Jackson is surrounded by caring adults who invest in him and show him he is worth their time. More importantly, every time he comes he has an opportunity to learn more about the only one who can fill that void in his life: his Heavenly Father who loves him and promises never to leave him. Our hope is that as we continue to pour into him, he will rest in that love and it will shape the adult he becomes.

Your gifts are an investment in the lives and futures of kids who need to know they are loved. Your support enables these children to see there is a better way to live, and with God’s help, they can rise above their circumstances. Thank you for making a difference and helping them discover the love of their Heavenly Father!

*Name changed for confidentiality.

Happy Youth Haven Children

Program Highlight

Feeding Hungry Children in Jesus’ Name

Child with Food“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink… Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” – Matt. 25:35, 40

This summer, you have the opportunity to give food to the hungry. Your gift to Youth Haven will provide delicious, nutritious food for a boy or girl in need. Children who are used to going to bed hungry can eat their fill of good food because you care. And when those children see that someone cares about their basic needs, their hearts soften when they hear about the love of Jesus.

God has blessed Youth Haven with two wonderful cooks, who are passionate about what they do because of their tremendous love for these kids. Thank you for supporting Matt and Katelyn, and sharing in this important aspect of our ministry!

Volunteer Corner: Summer 2017


Volunteers help provide a safe, fun environment for disadvantaged children to enjoy. They give hundreds of hours ensuring our facilities are kept in good condition for the children, keeping our clothing and toys organized, sending birthday cards, and more.

During our Volunteer Work Day on May 20, many of our volunteers worked together to prepare our Michigan campus for the summer program. Our Adopt-a Facility groups have also been hard at work, cleaning the dorms and getting them ready for larger numbers of children. Many hands make light work, and we’re so thankful for everyone who has given of their time to serve the children in this way!

We would also like to thank Sandy Dean, who puts in as many hours as a full-time employee, but does so as a volunteer. Sandy’s husband Dave serves as our Arizona Campus Manager, and Sandy is an integral part of the ministry as well.

Thank you to all of our volunteers! To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit

Summer 2017: Delivered

2015 Pool (130)

This year’s summer camp theme is “Delivered,” and the children are learning about the exciting adventure of the Israelites when God delivered them out of slavery in Egypt. You are making it possible for these kids to discover that God also loves them and has a special plan for them, just like He did for the Israelites!

This summer, your gifts and prayers will help provide disadvantaged boys and girls with…

  • food
  • shelter
  • fun activities that help improve social skills, teamwork, physical health, creativity, and self-confidence
  • clothing and shoes when needed
  • caring mentors and positive role models
  • Biblical teaching and a Youth Haven Trailbook (customized Bible) to take home
  • follow-up materials to remind them of everything they learned and invite them to return

Thank you for caring about children in need!

Finding Purpose

A Week at Summer Camp can Change a Child’s Life!


“They are very troubled kids but have great potential to be something someday.”

These words could describe so many of the children who come to Youth Haven! In particular, they are the words of a soon-to-be adoptive mother of three children who are scheduled for summer camp at Youth Haven.

The oldest of the three siblings is in fifth grade and has already lived in 11 or 12 homes. The children were removed from their birth home due to domestic violence and drug abuse. They have been in foster care most of their lives, and parental rights were terminated two years ago.

When you support Youth Haven, you give troubled kids a chance to discover their potential to do something great with their lives. Maybe they’ll uncover a hidden talent in arts and crafts, or learn that they’re good at sports. Perhaps the encouraging words of a staff member or teen volunteer will be just what they need to boost their self-confidence. Without a doubt, they’ll hear that God loves them and has a special purpose for them!

Thank you for providing a way for these three children – and hundreds of others like them – to come to Youth Haven this summer. You are helping them become the young men and women God designed them to be!