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New Arizona Playground Facility

Playground Drawing

Physical activity is an important part of helping children form healthy habits for healthy lives. Construction is underway on a shaded outdoor recreation area at our Arizona campus, creating a fun new place for the children to play and try new things. This space will include a sturdy, colorful playground by Miracle Recreation, with a variety of exciting activities for the children. A basketball court and octoball pit will also provide areas for the children to develop physical and social skills, learn teamwork, and boost their self-confidence. All of this will be shaded by canopies that will shelter the children from the intense Arizona sun – especially essential during the heat of the summer.

The estimated cost of this project is $140,000, including excavation and concrete, equipment and installation, safety surfacing, sun shades, outdoor lighting, and various other expenses.

Please prayerfully consider making a contribution toward this project. Your investment will tell a child who feels unloved that he or she is loved, valued, and worth it. Your gift will give hope.

Check out these Miracle Recreation drawings of the space:

Playground drawing

Basketball court drawing Playground drawing Playground drawing

Summer 2016 Volunteer Corner

summer16volunteerVolunteers Make This Ministry Possible!

Volunteer Work Day
We would like to thank the many wonderful volunteers who were part of our Volunteer Work Day on Saturday, May 14! We are so grateful for their help with cleaning, landscaping, and a variety of other projects to make sure our grounds and facilities were ready for summer camp! At the Michigan campus, cold, dreary weather didn’t stop our terrific team of volunteers, who cheerfully worked throughout the day. At the Arizona campus, we enjoyed working with an incredible team of Family Life Radio volunteers. Our long-standing relationship with FLR as sister ministries is a tremendous blessing to us and the children we serve.

Servant Event
Servant Event volunteers spent a week with us at our Michigan campus, where they helped with brush clean-up, painting, mowing, and other important maintenance projects. They also began the construction process for a walk-through maze that will be an exciting new children’s activity in our adventure trail.

Thank You!
We are incredibly grateful for so many volunteers who partner with us through serving. To our Adopt-a-Facility volunteers, our Lansing Christian volunteers, those who helped with our Pancake Breakfast, and the many other groups and individuals who serve so faithfully, thank you! We couldn’t do what we do without you!


Spring 2016 Progress Update

Progress Update

Your gifts provide safe, high quality facilities for children in need!

At the Michigan Campus:
In our “Chicken Coop” gymnasium, the boys’ and girls’ restrooms have been gutted, and remodeling is nearing completion. Cleaning, painting, and repairs are taking place throughout the entire building.

In the “Deerlodge” dining facility, the walls and ceiling have been patched and painted, old kitchen equipment removed, and new stainless steel counters, sinks and a dishwasher installed. Feeding the children is a key component of our ministry, and these upgrades will enable our chef to more efficiently prepare meals in the large quantities that are needed for the kids. Thank you to the Home Depot volunteers (pictured above) who painted our children’s dining room!

At the Arizona Campus:
Volunteers have thoroughly cleaned and painted the dorms, repaired and painted picnic tables for activities and meal times, and painted one of our activity pavilions.

We have stepped out in faith to accomplish these needed projects and are trusting God to provide approximately $25,000 to cover the cost. You could be part of that provision by giving a special gift toward the renovations. In addition to strict state regulations and camp inspections, we believe providing high quality facilities for the children helps show them they are important to us. Thank you for making that possible!

Winter 2016 Progress Update

Progress Update

Exciting things are happening at Youth Haven!

Youth Haven has been blessed with wonderful facilities that provide a safe and fun environment for disadvantaged children. Because you and many others have stood with us financially, we’ve never taken out a loan to complete a building project!

After many years of year-round camping programs, Michigan winters, and Arizona sun and heat, some of our facilities are showing their age and need to be upgraded and remodeled. Over the next few months, we plan to tackle several projects, including:

  • A complete overhaul of our commercial kitchen at the Michigan campus, including upgrading and replacing appliances. The kitchen is a crucial area of our ministry, and we want to make sure we keep it properly equipped for food safety and efficient preparation of delicious meals!
  • Remodeling of our children’s restrooms at the Michigan campus
  • Evaluating shingles/roofing on some of the buildings at our Arizona campus and replacing them as needed
  • Painting
  • Landscaping

If you’d like to have a part in improving our facilities for the children, a special financial love gift to help cover the costs would be greatly appreciated. In addition, if you have construction or landscaping skills and would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact Bethany, our Volunteer Coordinator, at (517) 569-3328 (Michigan) or (520) 466-3093 (Arizona).

Thank you for making Youth Haven a safe and fun place for children to experience the love of Christ!

Volunteer Corner: Christmas 2015

Christmas VolunteerSpecial Christmas opportunity at the Michigan campus:
Help serve Christmas dinner to the children on a Saturday in December! It’s a fun, easy way to show them they are loved and valued. Contact Stephanie at 517-569-3328 to sign up!

Featured Fall Volunteer Group
Approximately 16 volunteers (some pictured below) from Robbins United Methodist Church and Mendon United Methodist Church worked 5 full days helping us complete many projects around the Michigan campus. Those projects included:

  • Installing cubbies to hold personal belongings in the children’s bathrooms
  • Sanding/staining building doors
  • Cleaning the Hayloft Family Ministries Center
  • Cleaning up playgrounds
  • Tree work; cutting up large logs
  • Staining restroom privacy fences
  • Spreading mulch/pulling weeds

We are grateful for this group of volunteers, and all of our wonderful volunteers who help make our ministry possible! If you have an interest in volunteering or would like to get your group involved, please contact Stephanie Ludwig, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 517-569-3328 or 520-466-3093!


Volunteer Corner: Summer 2015

Arizona Ranch Volunteers

Volunteers from New Life Bible Fellowship in Tucson, along with our Arizona staff

Recent Arizona Ranch Projects:

  • Storage building converted into a staff lounge/conference room
  • Covered wagons refurbished for use by the children
  • Manager’s home bathroom remodeled and water damage from deteriorating tiles and pipes repaired
  • Kitchen help
  • Care of the animals at the Petting Barn
  • Craft time with the kids
  • Clothing barn organization and general cleaning

Recent Michigan Ranch Projects:

  • Painting of privacy fences and welcome signs
  • Removal and cutting up of dead trees
  • Power washing playgrounds
  • Repair of chicken coop fencing
  • Helping with flooding cleanup/repairs in the Hayloft
  • Mowing and weeding

Interested in giving your gifts and talents as a volunteer? Contact Stephanie at 517-569-3328 (Michigan) or 520-466-3093 (Arizona), or visit

Michigan Ranch Volunteers

Servant Event Volunteers at the Michigan Ranch

Volunteer Corner: Spring 2015


Here are a few important jobs that have been completed at both campuses with the help of our amazing volunteers. We cannot say thank you enough to the many volunteers who help us keep our children’s program running safely and smoothly!


Arizona VolunteersAt the Arizona Ranch:

  • Installation of new underground wiring for several buildings around the grounds
  • Relocation of covered wagons to a shaded area to reduce sun damage and heat inside the wagons
  • Leveling of roof and addition of walls to pavilion to create an additional indoor activity space for the children
  • Remodeling of kitchen, including installation of new stainless steel countertops and refinishing of the floor
  • Addition of a stage in the children’s chapel

Michigan Roofing VolunteersAt the Michigan Ranch:

  • Installation of a new roof at our Hayloft Family Ministries Center, due to damage from the harsh winter of 2014
  • Re-covering of chairs for use at special dinners for the children and in our Family Ministries Center
  • Deep cleaning and treatment of children’s bunk beds

Several volunteers and volunteer groups are already scheduled to help with various projects this spring, as we prepare for our busy summer season. If you or your group would like to help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Ludwig, at 517-569-3328 or 520-466-3093!

Progress Update: Summer Needs

Youth Haven RancherHundreds of disadvantaged kids will come to our campuses in Michigan and Arizona this summer and throughout the rest of the year. In order to maintain a safe and fun environment for these deserving boys and girls, a few essential projects needed to be completed for our summer programs. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving an additional gift up and above your regular giving to help cover the cost of these much-needed projects.

Arizona Pool Resurfacing
The pool is a favorite and necessary activity in the summer heat, and our pool in Arizona needed a complete repair and resurfacing this year. A donor generously offered to cover half the cost of the $10,000 repair. Your gift toward this project will help us raise the remaining $5,000.

New Tractor Needed in Michigan
With roughly 400 acres at the Michigan Ranch, a tractor is an essential piece of equipment. Unfortunately, our John Deere recently broke down and is beyond repair. We need approximately $40,000 to buy a used front-end loader/backhoe tractor to maintain our Michigan campus.

New Wooden Bunk Beds
We would like to replace the bunk beds in some of our dormitories with more comfortable, sturdy wooden bunk beds. We are hoping to replace roughly 24 beds at an approximate cost of $500 each, including the mattress.

Children’s Chapel Audio/Video Systems
Daily chapel times are an important part of our programs in Michigan and in Arizona. In order to help the children fully engage in these times of praise and worship with singing and Bible stories, we would like to upgrade our audio and video equipment in our Children’s Chapels. Our estimated cost for these projects is approximately $4,000.

If you would like to give a gift toward one of these projects, please click here and indicate your desire in the comments field. Any funds received above the costs of these projects will be used toward child sponsorships. Thank you for your support, and for helping Youth Haven remain a safe and fun place for kids!

Summer at Youth Haven