Special Giving Opportunities

Arizona Air Conditioner

Our facilities are important ministry tools, and you can help meet these needs!

After many years of use, the air conditioner in our Arizona Dining Hall broke down and needed to be replaced quickly. If you would like to help us recover that $7,000 expense, we’d be grateful!

Another need in Arizona is a shaded outdoor activity space with sun shades to shelter the children from the intense Arizona sun. This project will cost an estimated $140,000. Your investment will help provide a safe and fun outdoor play space, with a new playground, basketball court, and gaga pit.

We’re excited to purchase portable planetariums at both campuses to teach Biblical Creation in a way the children are sure to remember! A projection system will bring the domed ceiling to life with an engaging display of God’s awesome universe. Each set costs $30,000, and we’ve received grants for about half the total amount. Your gift will help disadvantaged kids learn about Creation!

To learn more about any of these projects, please call us at 517-569-3328 or 520-466-3093.

If you feel led to give toward one of these projects, please click here to donate.

Thank you!

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