The New Trailbooks are Here!

Child Reading Trailbook

Every child who comes to Youth Haven now receives a complete Bible to take home! We call our Bible the Youth Haven “Trailbook” – God’s guide to help us find our way through the world we live in. It has a custom cover and eight full-color pages designed by our staff to help the children understand how to use their Bibles. We have provided New Testament Trailbooks for many years, but with the full Bible we can now point the children to many wonderful Old Testament stories of God’s power, love, and faithfulness. In fact, we’ve already received a note from a child that said, “I love the new Trailbook because it has so much more information about God.”

We centered our fall theme – “Dig It” – around our new Trailbooks, and the children will become Trailbook archaeologists! They’ll dig in to some great Bible stories, from Creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection. They’ll also dig around to understand more about how their Trailbooks are put together, and how they can memorize verses to keep God’s Word in their hearts.

Thank you to everyone who gave toward our Bible project to make this possible!

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