When You Give, Lives are Changed!

Youth Haven ChildDear Youth Haven,

Your camp has impacted my life immensely. I was in a very bad spot when I came to you guys, and you helped me see that God is still there to love me and help me through the hard times… You guys, this camp, has helped me move through those hard times blocking my way, with faith and love. Before you guys, I lost my way, but all of your lessons and meaningful team talks have been wonderful in helping me restore my relationship with God.

I am very proud to say I’m training to be an L.I.T. (Leader-in-Training). I love being able to take part in helping kids find God like you guys did for me. I love it when kids come to me and ask questions about things they don’t understand, or just to ask me to play a game. Youth Haven brings out the best in a lot of people, from kids to adults.

Thank you!


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