Youth Haven’s Executive Director Earns MBA

Lars Carlson and FamilyYouth Haven’s Executive Director Lars Carlson
Earns His MBA Degree from Michigan State University

The Youth Haven staff and Board of Directors would like to congratulate Lars Carlson for earning his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University!

Lars has faithfully served the Youth Haven ministry for over 17 years, and is currently the Vice President and Executive Director. The education he has received, as well as professional connections he made with other local business leaders, have better equipped him as he prepares to assume the leadership role at Youth Haven.

“My goal for the organization is to grow and develop new opportunities to help disadvantaged children around the country, building on the history and foundation set in place by those who have led before me,” Lars says. “I knew I needed to gain additional perspective in my leadership and really understand how businesses function and what it would take to lead a great organization. I’m proud of the work Youth Haven does, helping meet the needs of disadvantaged and at-risk children, giving them hope and love to help them succeed in their lives. Seeing over 3,300 free scholarships given to disadvantaged children each year is an amazing thing, and I’m proud of the team I lead that makes a difference in the lives of kids each year at Youth Haven.”

Lars was recently recognized as a top Executive MBA graduate for the class of 2015. Cheri DeClercq, MSU’s Assistant Dean for MBA Programs, said of Lars: “Lars is an exceptional individual who is using his knowledge and capabilities, leveraged with his EMBA, to make the world a better place… He is a role model for business and he’s impacting society in compelling ways.”

We are excited to see what God has in store for Youth Haven through Lars’ exceptional leadership. In the months ahead, you will receive more information from Larry, Lars, and the Board of Directors regarding the upcoming leadership transition.

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